Fig Leaf


The perfect headcovering for church!  This ‘Grand Coiffe’ is from Little Huggs Historic Reenactment Costumes.


This is a swimsuit from Veiled by Design.   I know it looks nuts at first glance.  But look again.  They’re genius.

experimetal-on-etsy-criss-cross.jpg                                                         My favorite cross pendant was made by the very talented  ‘Experimetal <aka> vtakahashi.’  You can find her shop on etsy.  Oh — and that stone in the middle? — you can spin it!  How cool is that???                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                gottaoblongsuper06.jpg                  I am now the happy owner of one of these large sun-safe hats from GottaHavaHat.    The one I have (shown in the picture) is the Oblong Brimmed Super Sun Hat and it comes in some great colors (made out of Solarweave, which is a high tech solar protective fabric that has an “Excellent” UV protection rating of 40-50+; it’s nylon supplex, so it’s lightweight, breathable and dries quickly).  Note that she’ll line the underbrim with some beautiful cotton batik fabric — and you get to choose the one you like.                                                                                                                                                                        softhatscom2.jpg  Just in Time has some nice and comfy cotton hats.  They’re created for women who have lost their hair.  If you have hair, some of the styles might work better than others.  Send Just in Time an email if you have questions.                                                                                                          chemo-chicks-headwraps.gif Headwraps from Chemo Chicks.                                                                                          jerusalemtwiststep41.jpg has wonderful scarves — and they’ll show you how to tie them!                                                                                                                                     shellyadaptations4youturban.jpgThis is the Shelly turban from Adaptations, Inc.                                                  opa324547320_8a24108a68_m.jpg  Cerublu!  Need a fabulous crocheted hat?  Fiber artist Cerublu will make one for you!

apeil_430xn.jpg  Great ‘Desperate Housewife’ aprons from MomoMadeIt at etsy.   She has these available in two sizes;  make sure you select the size that’s right for you.

t0326.jpg    t0269ss.jpg  starscarves.gif  starscarves11.gif  starsc111.gif starscarvcop.gif Egyptian Hats (when you get to the sites, look for the ‘turbans’):  StarScarves and

looped1int.jpg  Turbans:  Intimate Image and Headcovers Unlimited     Headwraps:  Happy Heads                                                                                                                                                                                                      Parkhurst Cotton Berets:  Village Hat Shop and

folkmich.jpg                                                                                                                         Michiyuki Pattern:  Folkwear

80750642a1.jpg  p2090190.jpg Michiyuki and Haori Source:  Yamatoku Vintage Kimono is good;  but I usually find them more cheaply via eBay (I like ryujapan-99 and, again, Yamatoku)                                                                                                                                                               Aprons:  Domestique for the ones shown in white, La-Sara Ltd for the black one.  La-Sara used to sell via Shop.Com, but have apparently stopped.                                              Long Egyptian Cotton Arm Sleeves/Gauntlets  Gauntlets/Arm Covers:  Al-Muminat                                            Lovely and long-lasting crocheted Snoods:  Lady MacSnood

Ready-made sontag/bosom buddy:   Landy’s for Gifts and S&S Sutler Sontag patterns:  South Carolina Ladies Auxiliary, Ragged Soldier Sutlery and                                                                                                             shukr_1936_8428793.jpg  Long skirts and other cool clothes from Shukr                                                                                                                                                                espritturban_figure3.jpg  The Esprit Chemo Turban, designed by Ann Cannon-Brown for elann.  Not for sale, but a free pattern is online.


5 thoughts on “Fig Leaf

  1. Thank you, Marysia! (I’m told by Asiunka on the Flickr group POLAND that these comments mean: “simply super idea” and “your website is great.”)

    I have no Polish. At all. Yet. :-)

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